The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2021
Berkeley Prize 2021

Reva Saksena and Mallika Sarabhai - Bio

Reva Saksena is a fourth-year student currently pursuing architecture at School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal, India. Her interest in the field was evoked partly by her love for history- which is so deeply engraved in the rich and diverse architecture of her country- and the clever integration of both science and creativity. Writing is, to her, a medium to discover herself and decipher the ever-evolving context around her. As a student of architecture, she recognizes the power of keen observation and its potential in bringing about change. She hopes to be involved in the conservation of the rich edifices of history her country has to offer and contribute in a meaningful way.

Mallika Sarabhai is a third-year student pursuing her bachelors in Town Planning at School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal. In a world constantly evolving, she strives to be sustainably grounded. Pursuing a field, where the needs of the people, their desires and the actual requirements of them have to be balanced; has taught her one thing that one must be in conscious with the surrounding, its people and the local wisdom when serving them. She aspires to improvise in bringing the service her stream aims to provide.

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