The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2021
Berkeley Prize 2021

Nicole Oliveira - Bio

My name is Nicole Oliveira, I am an architecture student in São Paulo, Brazil. One of the first or even the first questions that I faced in the my little trajectory in architecture, was: “Why would I want to become an architect? ”. And the answer that warms my heart the most is to know that the architect can and helps society a lot. Upon entering the academic field it was sublime to realize that the architecture that I imagined so much there are many promoters and projects that seek to favor the population. Because, I believe that it is fundamental to experiment and collectively discuss, in its different scales, as a way of bringing together and exploring different territories and contexts, transforming cities for all, especially in the Brazilian context in which there is a lot of social inequality.

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Ms. Nicole Oliveira, Associação Escola da Cidade, São Paulo Brazil
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