The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2021
Berkeley Prize 2021

Gunraagh Singh Talwar - Bio

I was born and brought up in Delhi, where amidst the cross-cultural influence of culture and tradition, I spent my childhood tinkering with bits and pieces of whatever I could find to reach some or no product whatsoever. I grew up frugal minded and innovative, admiring usefulness in everyday things. Venturing into architecture school with a very different ideal than I have today, I was trained through extensive design studios and jam-packed course offerings. Amidst the storm that architecture school has been, I grew up to sensitize myself towards the need for an architecture that is humane. I am currently running Chhav, a project for dignified open spaces at Bhalswa, a landfill site in Delhi. The idea won the Observation and Action Network, and has since become a forum for community engagement and solutions-thinking. I am also working on my undergraduate thesis - Dignifying the Margins where I am trying to develop housing solutions for communities subjugated to the atrocities of the Bhalswa landfill.

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Mr. Gunraagh Singh Talwar, School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, Bhopal India
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