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Essays on the Social Art of Architecture from the Website

The essays below by "seasoned" thinkers provide a unique on-line resource for study.  When these thoughts are read in combination with winning student essays, it is more then abundantly clear the scope and importance of the fact that architecture is a social art.


Each year the Berkeley Prize Committee invites a distinguished professor or scholar in the field of architecture or the related social sciences to write about some aspect of the year's Berkeley Prize topic.

These essays serve several purposes:

  • They are meant to help focus students' thoughts on the issues surrounding the year's Question.
  • They are a model for excellence in writing.
  • They exhibit both how defined and how broad the range of possible response to a Question.


Architecture for the Public Good: A Photo Essay by the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee

Paul Broches: A Gentle Push Toward Design for Everyone

John Cary: 2011 Commencement Address, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley

John Cary: Reflections on Architecture, Community, and Writing

Benjamin Clavan: Creating Architectural Monuments

Benjamin Clavan: Starting with Students: A New Era of People-Centered Architecture

Julian Daley: Judith Lee Stronach Undergraduate Travel Scholarshi Report: Understanding Elemental's Incremental Housing Projects 

Charles Debbas: Zimbabwe Childcare Centers: A Collaboration between the International Child Resource Institute and Debbas Architecture

Tom Fisher: Public-Interest Architecture: A Needed and Inevitable Change

Valerie Fletcher: The Role and Power of Design in Social Sustainability

Christopher Herring: Sheltering Those in Need: Architects Confront Homelesseness

Lance Hosey: The role of the street in fostering social life

Barbara Knecht: Community Structures and Homeless People

Nathan Koren: Architecture in Reverse: Building the Pyramid from the Top Down

Raymond Lifchez: A Digital Archive of the Architecture of Charity (view exhibit) (view essay)

Raymond Lifchez: Introduction to Building a World Fit for People

Donlyn Lyndon: Introduction to BP 2019

Michael Pyatok: Personal Choices, Social Purpose

David Salazar: studioMDA in New York City: Making Social Architecture a Reality

Anthony Schuman: Toward an Architecture of Solidarity 

Statements Regarding the 2004 Berkeley Prize Question

Friedner Wittman: The Architecture of Recovery

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