The Nineteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2017
Berkeley Prize 2017

History of the Berkeley Prize


Left to right, 1998-99 BERKELEY PRIZE Jury: (1) Wendy Tsuji, Benjamin Clavan; (2) Mike Martin, Karin Payson; (3) Mike Pyatok; (4) Richard Whitaker; (5) Ray Lifchez

2017: Architecture Reveals Communities

2016: SHELTERING THOSE IN NEED: Architects Confront Homelessness

2015: Architects Confront Poverty

2014: The Architect and the Healthful Environment

2013: The Architect and the Accessible City

2012: Architecture for the Public Good

2011: Valuing the Sacred

2010: Historic Preservation/Heritage Conservation

2009: Sustainable Architecture/Traditional Wisdom

2008: Competing To Serve

2007: Making Social Architecture

2006: Children and the City

2005: Memorable Public Spaces

2004: The Architect Reports On Refugees, The Homeless and The Urban Poor

2003: Buildings That Achieve World-Class Status

2002: The Role of the Street In Fostering Social Life

2001: The Street Mediates Between Public and Private Lives

2000: What role can architecture play as a socially responsive endeavor in the future?

1998-1999: The Architect Meets The Nursing Home

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