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Memorable Public Spaces

Essay Prize Question
What makes a place truly public? Go out into a community that you know well and find an exceptional, built example of one such place. In most likelihood, among other attributes, this place will embody the traditions of local culture and be a reflection of the world at large. Describe this place in a way that makes it a compelling demonstration of how other places might remain similarly vital to their own communities. Be both evocative and specific in your tribute to this place.


Essay Prize Jurors
Lesley Naa Norle Lokko
Donlyn Lyndon Faia
Rahul Mehrotra
Ann Arbor

Essay Prize Winners

First Prize: Brian Knight, Southern California Institute of Architecture, USA

Second Prize: Sarah Schaefer, Dalhousie University, Canada

Second Prize Team: Kamana Dhakhwa and Swasti Bhattarai, Institute of Engineering, Nepal

Third Prize: Andri Haflidason, University of Strathclyde, UK

Travel Fellowship Winners and Destination

First Prize: Hadas Rix, The Technion, Israel; International Union of Architects/Union Internationale Des Architectes XXII World Congress, Istanbul, Turkey 2005

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