The Sixteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2014
Berkeley Prize 2014

Nipun Prabhakar and Sukruti Gupta - Bios

Nipun Prabhakar's Bio

Nipun Prabhakar was born in Delhi, India, and is currently enrolled in the bachelor programme in architecture at School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal. Nipun has overarching interests in art, architecture and photography. His interests have led him from one art form to another over past period of time. Apart from academics he is currently working on a new venture, designing sketchbooks crafted for the needs of an architect. He has also given Photography workshops in various social organisations including orphanages. Message him at

Sukruti Gupta's Bio

Sukruti prefers to identify herself as a student of architecture rather than an aspiring architect. An avid reader, she also writes short stories and poetry. She is a member of the Student Council and co-editor the Student magazine of her college. Time finds her falling in love with architecture over and over again; her fields of interest include design and journalism.

Sukruti is a recipient of a scholarship by the Government of India and has worked as a teaching volunteer in an NGO.

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