The Nineth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2007
Berkeley Prize 2007

To Enter

The top fifteen 2007 Berkeley Prize Essay Competition semifinalists have been invited to compete for the 2007 Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship.*  This year’s Travel Fellowship Competition winner will visit Johannesburg, South Africa to participate in the GLOBAL STUDIO to be held there from June 30 to July 19, 2007.    As a prelude to the Global Studio, the winner will also attend and participate in the PEOPLE BUILDING BETTER CITIES conference in Johannesburg, to be held from June 25-28, 2007. Both events will be headquartered at Witts University in the city.

GLOBAL STUDIO Johannesburg will bring together students, academics and professionals in the city building professions from developing and developed countries to take part in an interdisciplinary forum and hands-on design studio. GLOBAL STUDIO provides opportunities to develop new modes of professional education and practice with policy and research implications as well as possibilities for developing networks and partnerships.  The winning student will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn and exchange ideas in a unique arena that, hopefully, reflects the student’s special interests and directions of study.

The Travel Fellowship includes round-trip airfare from the city in which the student currently studies, room and board for the period of the events, and a stipend for incidental expenses during the trip. Winners are urged to take advantage of the urban experience offered by Johannesburg in their free time. Last year’s Berkeley Prize Travel Fellow, Andrew Amara, will also attend the events and act as a liaison for this year’s winner.

To Apply

In a 1250-word Proposal in the form of an essay, we want to know:

1) How, specifically, do you think this experience will further your education as an architect?
2) How might this opportunity affect the remaining part of your architectural education?
3) How does the theme and the activities of the GLOBAL STUDIO relate to the project you proposed in your Essay?
4) How will you spend your free time in Johannesburg while you are there?

In order to answer these questions, you will need to visit all of the websites for the various events, programs, and activities.  There is a lot of reading there, including various links to the history and background for the events. 

    Websites for your research:
  • For the GLOBAL STUDIO event, see -- website describes the GLOBAL STUDIO experience and previous year’s GLOBAL STUDIOS.
  • For information on the host city, see the Johannesburg News Agency.    
  • In addition, you will want to read about past Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship winners and their experiences in the Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship web pages from past years.

Additional Help and Information

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