The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2019
Berkeley Prize 2019

Andreea Movila

2015 Travel Fellowship Winner

Country of Origin: Romania
Country of Study: Romania
Current Country: Romania

Degrees: Bachelor of Architecture (2017)


I am a winner of 2015 BERKELEY PRIZE Travel Fellowship. My paper answered the theme of  "Architects Confronting Poverty" with a case study from my country, Romania. It was not the first time I have participated in an essay competition, but the first time I approached the theme of architecture as social art, and the meeting with this field through the contest transfigured my life afterwards in an unexpected way.

Returning from the travel sponsored by the PRIZE I won, I convinced the Dean of my architecture school that a contest, addressed to students of architecture from Romania referring to social problems in the country would be very necessary. He invited me to come with a proposal - regulation, jury, prizes. After a period of hard working (website), sponsorships, jury members, regulation framework etc. - in 2015 we had the first edition of the contest that we entitled "Architecture of Alterity" with a jury composed by high class theorists from Romania .

They selected 5 finalists that were invited to present their paper in a joint event, where the jury nominated the winner of the prize of 1000 euro. Last year we had the second edition and now we are working to launch the third one. I plan to seek funding in order to publish a book that would contain the most interesting papers gathered so far in a format of a Manifesto - of young architects talking about social architecture as it is perceived here.

The outcome of the whole endeavor is very satisfying and "Architecture of Alterity" grows bigger as a phenomenon of real interest. As far as I am concerned, I have just finished the college this year and I plan to apply for a Ph.D. in architecture. I am firmly convinced that the participation in this contest influenced me significantly and due to this I have been paying more attention to the issue of social architecture...and now I am happy that I can help others in the same manner. Thank you very much for being... and encouraging so many generations of architects to be more profound and social responsable.


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