The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2019
Berkeley Prize 2019

Benard Acellam

2011 Travel Fellowship Winner

Country of Origin: Uganda
Country of Study: Uganda
Current Country: Uganda

Degrees: Bachelor of Architecture (2016)


It’s now about one year and 4 months since my graduation from University. I am working in the mainstream architecture practice, but also have one foot in academia. As a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Architecture at International University of East Africa in Kampala, I find myself emphasizing the social ideals of architecture that I acquired over the years to my students, sometimes subconsciously.

At the start of my undergraduate studies, my understanding of social architecture was limited to low cost housing. Over the years of I came to realize that what constitute social architecture is broad and quite difficult to define. Individuals are different. Communities and societies are often diverse and heterogeneous, and so are their needs. Now I believe that socially responsible architecture is one that meets given need(s) and aims to create positive transformation both through its process and its product. The end result is always a better person, community or society.

This is what I aim for in my daily involvement in the mainstream architecture practice. I want to feel that the process and product of my architecture work is contributing a greater social good whether directly or indirectly, in a big or small way. The influence of my engagement with the social dimension of architecture through the BERKELEY PRIZE continues to profoundly impact my thoughts about architecture. I want to embark on a career in social institutions without completely leaving architecture. It’s a balance I hope to achieve with time. For now I also desire to advance my studies by a pursuing a masters and PhD in urban related studies.

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