The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2020
Berkeley Prize 2020

Robert Ungar

2010 Architectural Design Fellowship Winner

Country of Origin: Israel
Country of Study: Israel
Current Country: Israel

Degrees: Bachelor of Architecture (2013)


Architecture school for me was a mental greenhouse for possibilities, spurring seeds of ideas about sharing for better society and smarter living conditions. All this talk about structure and material, tectonics and space - why is it important if not to create a better human experience? When choosing a professional path, the employment options I faced were mainly planning for private developers or wealthy individuals who usually think about the human experience of their accountant. Public space planning is mainly kept for experienced architects, poses little creativity, and doesn't pay well.

This brought me and two of my friends to establish an independent multi-disciplinary collective called ONYA collective, now consisting of 13 fun and creative people who work to develop new ways to integrate social and environmental aspects in urban design. Starting with art installations, and growing to commissioned works by municipalities. Our main project is a 300 sqm formerly abandoned space in Tel-Aviv's Megalomaniac-Brutalist Central Bus Station. With volunteers, we've created a multi-community garden and space serving local organizations, currently lacking any public buildings, mainly Sudanese and Eritrean refugees, Filipino, West African and Chinese work immigrants, and Israelis from low socio-economic backgrounds.

ONYA Collective garden in a formerly abandoned entrance to Tel-Aviv Central Bus Station

Grassroots 2015, community organized festival in ONYA collective garden

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