The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2019
Berkeley Prize 2019

Student Winners: Their Professional Lives

During the 19-year history of the BERKELEY PRIZE there has been a large and gratifying participation by a diverse population of students: over 2100 undergraduate architects from 69 countries have submitted essay proposals and, if selected, full-length essays.  Counting all of the competitions we have sponsored, the PRIZE has made over 126 awards to 131 different students.  (Some have been dual prize winners, others have been part of a two-member team.)  During the Spring and Summer of 2017 we made a special effort to reach out to those who have received awards and asked them to tell us briefly what they have been doing in their professional lives since then.  The results are below.

As you read through these responses, you will find an enormous variety of pursuits, some dealing directly with building, some completely separated from building.  The common thread is that each and every one of the students is committed to a social life, one in which other people’s needs and desires are at the forefront of what they do.  A better, people-centered architecture is one goal of the BERKELEY PRIZE.  A better, people-centered, worldview is even more important – as these profiles attest.

Essay Prize Winners

Nathan Koren (2000) - First Place

Charles Fadem (2000) - Third Place

Thomas-Bernard Kenniff (2002) - First Place

Philip Tidwell (2003) - First Place

Neelakshi Joshi (2009) - First Place

Ishanie Niyogi (2010) - First Place

Holly Simon (2011) - First Place

Sophia Bannert (2013) - First Place

Faiq Mari (2013) - Second Place

Nipun Prabhakar (2014) - Second Place

Aparna Ramesh (2014) - Third Place

Hanan Qureshi (2015) - Third Place


Travel Fellowship Winners

Andrew Amara (2006)

Nicole Graycar (2008)

Dominic Mathew (2009)

Benard Acellam (2011)

Saumitra Sinha (2012)

Ben Wokorach (2013)

Disha Sahu (2013)

Clarence Lee (2014)

Delma Palma (2014)

Tarun Bhasin (2015)

Andreea Movila (2015)

Vaibhav Saxena (2016)


Architectural Design Fellowship Winners

Avikal Somvanshi (2008)

Anusha Narayanan (2008)

Robert Ungar (2010)

Preeti Talwai (2011)

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