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Yossra Aldulaei Proposal

Arcosanti Workshop (Education)

I always in my childhood dreamed of engineers Hat as long as I painted small houses and roads leading to the lake through density of trees I had the desire to build a town with stones, mud or straw and create my own small house in my room with pillows and blankets In different ways to be comfortable and beautiful. I never thought of using non-existent tools and bringing them from elsewhere to make my childhood home In my room suit pillows and cotton, In the garden i used small stones and clay. I believe that man has the instinct to build his house and city In a manner consistent with the environment itself , But in our time began multiple uses. This is due to the rule of evolution and avoid the negatives of old cities. Some are based on a goal such as the creation of a modern city with no pollution of the environment, Many of these cities turned into known cities and some became capitals of ancient cities. There is only a different city

wich is the ideal city inspired by ecology, In the Arizona desert it is about 70 miles north of Phoenix and is called Arcostani city. Arcostani is a different city because it is still built and has not achieved its goal yet and it represents the goal not only through different architecture, but also through different cultures. It designed by the famous dreamer architect , which began construction in 1970 until today. Its goal has changed from time to time, but the general idea is to explain that cities can be developed with minimal impact on the environment, as well as building a city that fits in with the natural surroundings. This is the idea of architect Paolo Soleri, who studied with one of the great modern architecture artists Frank Lloyd Wright, Soleri developed a philosophy he called 'archeology', a model of architecture with precise synergy with the environment.

ARCOSANTI The city now serves as an educational school for various building skills and crafts and is attended by students and visitors from all over the world . There are several buildings completed such as a four-storey building for visitors and contains places of all cultural, educational and industrial activities that everyone can access and participate in. Being an educational school I will take advantage of many aspects, first of all how to build also the big opportunity to participate in the construction of a city other than the cities and benefit from the cultures of the different participants. The fellowship for traveling to a country is quite different from my own, which is different in cultures, traditions, environment, and many more. Especially as I am interested in architecture as a woman in the Middle East, especially in the Yemeni society, which does not allow the girl to participate in the workshops or build them as defective or unable to, despite my university studies in architecture. From that I realized building with the environment and nature shows the art of the beauty of society as it shows their health ideas. When I get the chance to get a fellowship I was always looking for a workshop that shows architecture and designer thinking as it is quite different from my I found that the Arcosanti workshop is the best because it is a European design that shows beauty, creates art for architecture and gives me the opportunity to work directly. My participation in an Arcosanti workshop will make me jumpe a big leap with a great amount of knowledge.

ARCOSANTI WORKSHOP The Workshop at Arcosanti is the gateway into the project. Through seminars, hands-on work opportunities , and total immersion within the unique 24/7 live/work community, participants learn the values of what Soleri termed as “Lean Alternative” which appeals for a frugal commitment so as to induce a more equitable and sustainable development of the human experience.

WORKSHOP: TWO WEEKS ArcosantI / Cozanti Seminars - This introductory seminar offers the principles of Arcosanti's design, construction history, an in-depth tour of the site, a hike along the Aqua Freya River, a silt workshop, and employment opportunities. Participants also reside and work in Cuzanti, original Solari Studios, Wright's Western Talisin visit and other local architectural interests, participants participate in hands-on training . Two weeks will gradually brainstorm the practical training in environmental architecture, Which our ancestors have always respected that I mentioned in my essay for the Berkeley contest using the ancient builders of natural materials. The Fellowship will answer many questions in my mind how European culture in building? What is the importance of the direct relationship between man and nature, and how architecture and the urban environment help to achieve the sound principle of the environment through seminars and lectures on the theory of Soliri and his words of philosophy, "coherence" and "elegant division." Archosanti follows the slogan "do more with less", using less energy, less pollution, less loss of space and materials, and we create more efficient social communication. This idea not only includes architecture, but also the human aspects of daily life.

Traveling to a country that gives women the full right to participate in workshops is a dream in itself. I will return to my country as a person who took a bag and filled with ideas and experiences in different colors and forms and I will be careful to fill them despite the short period, but I believe that the will and determination bring a lot, no matter how long. I will return with more experience about the different cultures and architectural experiences Which I will certainly share with my friends and colleagues, my writings, photographs and memories will not be forgotten, but it will be the beginning of my career which I have always loved.

ITINERARY: - July 15/A road trip from Sana'a to Aden because Sana'a airport is closed and a night stay at a hotel in Aden Hotel - July 16/from Aden to Cairo and flight to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur to extract the visa and living for the extraction period of the visa before the workshop began. staying in MY HOTEL . staying in kuala lumpur will improve my gaze to the architecture . EK Airlines (CAI-DXB/DXB-KUL) - August 31/Flight from Malaysia to Phoenix and sopping in los Angeles AA Airlines (KUL-HKG/HKG-LAX/LAX-PHX) - September1/Arrive to Phoenix and from there to Arcosanti 70 miles north AA Airlines (PHX-DFW/DFW-HKG/HKG-KUL/KUL-DXB/DXB-CAI) - September14/Return to Phoenix then to Malaysia kl and Cairo ,finally Yemen. YEM Airlines (CAI-YEM)

Despite the difficulties of the journey due to the war in Yemen. The cost and the long time of not less than 50 days to get the visa from KL, but I have all the desire to take advantage of and learn through the workshop as the difficulties will not stop me from taking the fellowship opportunity in what I want to learn from the unique experience. BUDGET: 100$ Road Trip on aloula busses from Sana'a to Aden with accommodation at hotel for night

520$ Flight from Aden to Cairo on Yemeniah Airlines (CAI-DXB) 526$ Flight from Cairo to Malaysia KL 350$ The cost of staying in Malaysia for the issuance of the visa. 160$ the cost of USA Visa. 1,237$ Flight from Malaysia KL to Phoneix 77$ Transportation to Arcosanti 1,075 $ Registration fee for the workshop in Arcosanti with the cost of meals, accommodation and trips in addition to $ 75 for the use of the guest room per week Accommodation = 1,225$ 100$ Cost of some tools for the workshop with contingency reserve

TOTAL: 4,295$ Self-Financed:Pocket Money 350$

REFERENCES AND CONTACTS: -Arcosanti, workshop coordinator:Miss Melanie (E-mail - Arcosanti workshop WEB:

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Enviroments at Architecture gaze
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how to save arcostani's sun by the art of architecture
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