The Nineteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2017
Berkeley Prize 2017

Aman Sinha Bio

My greatest inspiration to pursue Architecture is my mother. I grew up in an environment where art and handicraft often took precedence over other activities. My fascination for design started early; we would spend afternoons experimenting with colors, but more often than not I would end up making a mess out of it. Traversing a long way since then, presently, in my third year of B.Architecture course at School Of Planning And Architecture Bhopal, I already believe, that Architecture is something much deeper than what a common man perceives it to be. It is a process of one's desires and imagination, being converted into a reality. Its a platform through which one can bring about a change in the lives of many. Through the learnings at my Architecture school, I aim to expand on this very fact and would work for a betterment cause in the society. Apart from this I love playing and watching cricket, and often end up doing it in my free time (which is unlikely amidst the never-ending submissions). I aim for perfection in whatever I do, by completely dedicating myself for it. I thank the BERKELEY PRIZE, which has helped me making aware with the fact that there still exist millions which aren't privileged enough to chase their dreams, and, we being aspiring architects, along with accomplishing our aims, should extend our hands helping such people reach their goals!

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Mr. Aman Sinha, School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, Bhopal India
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