The Eighteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2016
Berkeley Prize 2016

Vaihbav Saxena Bio

Vaibhav is a 5th year architecture student based in India.

Coming from a family where everyone was into science and were against architecture, Vaibhav took it up as a challenge and as everyday passes, his love for architecture increases. In his words, the turning point in his life as an architecture student was winning an architectural quiz competition which increased his greed to know about architecture many-folds. This led him to travel to various parts of India in a quest to know more and see more.

In this journey, he went on to intern with Vo Trong Nghia Architects in Vietnam for 5 months last year, to gain a deeper insight into the world of materials and sustainability.

Works and writings of Peter Zumthor inspires him.

He would like to concentrate on projects of smaller scale with bigger impact.

Currently,he is involved in a 6 month project on Sustainable Urbanization of Water with University of Utah,USA based in Hyderabad.

His other interests include travelling,meeting people from around the globe, street photography and doodling.

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