The Eighteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2016
Berkeley Prize 2016

Meghana Hegde Bio

I was born in the city of Bangalore, India. Having spent the first three years of my life there (of which I remember absolutely nothing), I moved to Pune, where I currently live and study. Having heard so many stories of Bangalore over the years, the collective memories of it all have forged an image of the place in my mind, even though I personally don’t recollect much. That bond, so familiar and yet not, was my first experience of the effect a place can have on human psychology. I’ve always been drawn to all sorts of art forms. Having learnt Bharatnatyam, a traditional Indian dance form, I developed an interest in folklore and vernacular forms of cultural expression. This often crossed over into a cursory interest in the traditional architecture of India.

My first formal introduction to architecture was after joining architecture school. It changed my perspective on so many aspects. My experiences in school, right from settlement studies to design explorations have helped me gain a deeper understanding of how every element of human civilization has a recurrent reaction to every other. I believe in a holistic, experience based approach to architecture, which always should be a direct response to societal and temporal needs. The field of architecture being so vast there is something new to be learnt every single day. My interests in architecture range from building technology and material sciences to ekistics and urban design. I hope in the not so distant future to contribute to regularizing the haphazard growth of Indian cities, which is the urgent need of the hour.

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