The Seventeenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2015
Berkeley Prize 2015

Jennisse Schule Bio

Jennisse was born and raised in Montana. After graduation high school, she left the state to join the US Army. She wanted to see the rest of the world. After serving in the military, Jennisse got a Geology degree from the University of Puget Sound in Washington State then moved East to a career in School Transportation Administration in New Jersey. Over the years, she has seen a lot of the United States and increasingly grew to appreciate (and missed) what is special about Montana. Jennisse was finally able to move back home to Montana to be close to family, the mountains and go back to school. She is currently studying Architecture at Montana State in Bozeman. She loves the challenges of architecture and is particularly interested in community architecture and sustainability. She hopes to use architecture and what she is learning while serving on the Board of USGBC to preserve the way of life that Montanans, in particular, cherish while still embracing the growth that is inevitable. When she is not in school or at work, you will find her with her two Golden Retrievers exploring the trails and waters (and trying to catch some fish).

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Jennisse Schule, Montana State University, Bozeman United States
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