The Sixteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2014
Berkeley Prize 2014

Delma Palma - Bio

Delma grew up in Bonita Springs, FL with Honduran parents and an older sister--splendidly close to the ocean--consistently traveling back to Honduras. Studying architecture at the University of Notre Dame has offered Delma a plethora of opportunities, such as studying in Rome for a year and traveling throughout Europe to analyze the architecture, culture, and urbanism. Working in Santiago, Chile for largest NGO in Latin America taught her much about social housing and development. She has a passion for anthropology, an interest in sustainability, and two months until she graduates from Notre Dame. After leaving South Bend, she hopes to work at a firm within a city that allows her to abandon all use of the automobile and learn as much as possible on the trajectory towards licensure. She enjoys Russian literature, boxing, and ceramics.

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Ms. Delma Palma, University of Notre Dame, South Bend United States
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