The Fifthteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2013
Berkeley Prize 2013

Sahu - Bio

born in the city of Bhubaneswar. A city which has a dual identity.....identified as the ancient seat of kalinga temple architecture and at the same time renewed its identity as a planned modern Indian city.Now when I reflect retrospectively... I can see my first tryst with idea of architecture in the city that I was born in....... Brought up in Gurgaon... a city that is characterized by its gleaming glass facade and wishful alien skyline... I think the art of architecture has had an enigmatic relation with me.As I have tried to discover this curious craft throughout my architectural undergrad has still remained fairly non-comprehensive to me . what remains interesting is its ability to manifest multiple interpretations out of a singular object/ive. You may follow all possible rules and still not produce something significant, however you may break all the processes and achieve the most subjective object-ness. Its strange and its a travel into unknown, an enigma...... and therefore its fun and worth exploring.... i have also been trained as a semi-professional indian classical (kathak) dancer. i like to sketch , paint, write , debate and do some light hearted landscape photography....

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