The Nineteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2017
Berkeley Prize 2017

Hadi Osni Bio

I am a Final Year student pursuing a Bachelors in Architecture with Honours, in the Heritage Focus under the General Studies Programme. I am also working concurrently as a part-time Research Assistant testing the merits of a community-engaged urban planning process.

As a passionate individual who has a strong interest in heritage and conservation especially, I feel that I have much to contribute to the effort to promote the heritage of our heterogeneous, multicultural, multi-religious urban population in modern-day Singapore that still continues to be rooted in our shared history and values. I am especially interested in the documentation of the narratives of minority communities such as the Baweanese, that have yet to receive a lot of exposure as a contingent part of Singapore’s officialised history. Additionally, I also firmly believe that heritage and conservation provide strong emotional and social anchors that promote the building of active and cohesive communities.

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