The Fifthteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2013
Berkeley Prize 2013

Copeland - Bio

I grew up in South Africa, lived six years in Canada and am currently studying at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. Having lived in such different places, I have come to realize the importance of place and its relationship to individual and collective memory. I am interested in architecture as an experience-defining form considered through a close attention to materiality and its meaning.

As a child I spent much of my time drawing fantastical landscapes and the houses in my neighbourhood. I have always been intensely interested in drawing and combining my imagined and real ‘worlds’ through the simple of act of putting pencil to paper. I was drawn to Architecture as the medium through which these imaginings could be made into something real that could also have purpose beyond mere aesthetic beauty and serve as a catalyst for building communities.

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Ms. Caitlin Copeland, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh United Kingdom
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