The Eighth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2006
Berkeley Prize 2006

To Enter

As a 2006 Berkeley Prize Essay Competition semifinalist, you are invited to compete for the 2006 Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship.  This year’s Travel Fellowship Competition winner will visit Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at a time when there will be a remarkable convergence of socially-committed design professionals from around the world.  

The preceding pages give you a glimpse of the Travel Fellowship opportunity and the anticipated Vancouver experience.  The winning student will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn, network, and initiate in arenas that, hopefully, reflect the student’s special interests and directions of study. 

During your three-plus weeks in Vancouver, you will have the opportunity and be asked to participate in the following programs and activities:

June 14 – June 16: GUiC+10 Meeting
Attend workshops; meet Country/City teams; and join in formulating new programs and initiatives for the GUiC Programme.

June 16 – June 18: World Youth Forum
Learn about youth-led and youth-driven projects organized to create positive change in their communities around the world every day.

June 19 – June 23: UN HABITAT World Urban Forum (WUF3)
Help document activities and participant perspectives at WUF3 events related to children, youth and development; and participate in WUF3 activities.

June 25 – July 1 : Global Studio Design Workshop
Work with a community in Vancouver in a participatory design and planning project – a total immersion event in which you will live, eat and work with the other Global Studio participants.

July 2 – July 3:  Global Studio Future Directions Forum
Build on the experiences of the Global Studio and make suggestions for Global Studios to come.

July 4 – July 7:  Self-directed tour of Vancouver and environs
Explore the rich man-made built environment and the extraordinary natural environment of the Vancouver area.


The above schedule represents a truly remarkable and busy time.  In a 1250-word Proposal in the form of an essay, we want to know:

1) How do you think this experience would allow you to strengthen the proposal you have made to your town in your Berkeley Prize Essay Competition entry regarding the lives of the children there?
2) What specific parts of the various programs and activities do you think you will find useful and why? 
3) One role you will have during the GUiC+10 and WUF3 activities will be to document the events and the experiences of the participants.  These participants will range from leading experts on children’s environments and participatory development to youth from cities around the world.  How would you propose to capture their activities, experiences and perspectives in a unique and engaging manner?
4) How might this opportunity effect the remaining part of your architectural education?
5) How will you spend your free time while you are there?

In order to answer these questions, you will need to visit all of the websites for the various events, programs, and activities.  There is a lot of reading there, including the various links to the history and background of each organization. 

    Websites for your research:

As an Addendum (not to exceed 350-words) to your Proposal, make us confident that you have thoroughly understood the context in which the Vancouver events are occurring.  

The Travel Fellowship Essay Proposals and Addendum are to be submitted together on-line, from your author portfolio, before midnight, Greenwich Mean Time, March 22, 2006.


The Berkeley Prize Travel Fellow will be asked to report on the experience of being in Vancouver.  This report, in a form to be agreed upon by the Fellow and the Berkeley Prize Committee should be based on the Fellow’s initial Travel Proposal.  A minimum 2000 word essay, annotated by photographs is required, but we urge Fellows to propose innovative ways to describe their travel.  The report will be posted on the Berkeley Prize website and become part of the website archives.  The report is due within thirty days of leaving Vancouver.

Additional Help and Information

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