The Twelfth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2010
Berkeley Prize 2010

Winning Proposal

Mr. Robert Ungar, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

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"Personal background:

Vienna, 1930. Grandma and her family escape the economic crisis for a better future in Budapest.

Budapest, 1945. Grandma is released from the concentration camp, seeking new life in former Hungarian territories held by Romania, where she later gives birth to twin daughters.

Romania - Yugoslavia Border, 1970. Dad hides in a box on the back of a truck, smuggled through the border to escape communism and start over in the west. He finds shelter in Italy.

Bucharest, 1976. Mom gets a rare opportunity to legally leave Romania, Heads to Italy to wait for a green card and a reunion with her sister in California.

Rome, 1976. Two high-school lovers meet again after years of disconnection.

Venice, 1982. A Small group of family and friends gather in the Jewish ghetto synagouge to celebrate the birth of a boy. Mom dreams of citizenship and a home. Dad sells cassettes on the streets to make a living.

Tel-Aviv, 1984. A young mother and 3 children land in the promised land, wishing for a new beginning.

Arad, 1988. The new family goes for a fresh start in a small desert town, spending over 10 years constructing their own house on top of a high hill, overlooking the lowest place on earth from 1,000 meters above.

Tel Aviv, 2001. I move to a crumbling apartment and immediately fall in love with the city. it feels like someone has taken a curtain off my eyes and the world is now waiting for me to jump in.

Kathmandu, 2007. After over a year of working and traveling alone in Europe and Asia, I realize what home is, and start making my way back to my country.

Jerusalem, 2008. That realization is the trigger to try and put some of the richness of my past into a creative profession and perhaps even try to find some meaning.

Freedom - of mind, movement and communication, is a great gift of our times.Holding it bears an obligation to use it and make something that could not have been made before.It allows experiencing with immense diversity. For that I am thankful."

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