The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2020
Berkeley Prize 2020

Madhura Vaze and Nabha Joshi - Bio

Madhura Vaze: I am a final year student of B.K.P.S College of Architecture, Pune who strongly believe that 'It is necessary to design the disaster resistant infrastructure for the upcoming future of cities to achieve the goal of sustainability and resilience'. Born as a profound hearing impaired, I am an adventurous person with an artistic side who has been exposed to the diversity of motherland from a very early age due to my extensive travelling and inclination towards creative cultural activities. I am an active member of local trekking communities that has made me an observant student who enjoys photography and sketching landscape settings, architectural aesthetics and urban patterns, which were my biggest inspirations for entering into the field of architecture. This has instilled in me a passion for landscape architecture, urban design, heritage study and environmental planning. My ultimate goal is to achieve the right balance between aesthetics, functionality, and ecology through design; develop methods and technologies to embed risk reduction and preparedness into the design of micro and macro level infrastructure. I also aspire to highlight Indian culture through this multi-domain field of architecture. Thus, I aim to materialize my knowledge and skills in the role of Architect for sustainable development of the world.

Nabha Joshi: I study in S.P College, Pune, majoring in Economics with Psychology and Mathematics as minor subjects. My inclination towards the Social sciences gradually led me towards humanitarian studies and Economics. I have undertaken Economics not only as an academic course but because I feel passionately towards it. I aspire to make developmental and constructive changes to the economy, starting from the grass-root level and rising through the hierarchy, sustainably. I have tried to expand my horizons by taking up short term courses on Intellectual Property Rights and Behavioural Economics. I have pursued the traditional dance form of Bharatnatyam, which contributes to the immense respect I have for all cultures and art forms allowing me an all inclusive perspective. I aim to use all the knowledge I gain, as a device for socio-economic development.

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