The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2020
Berkeley Prize 2020

Claudio Cabana and Henrike Scholz - Bio

Claudio is a student in Environmental Design at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Influenced by his upbringing in Caracas, Venezuela, Claudio's work attempts to reconcile the modernist ethos with vernacular building values. Claudio was drawn to architecture as a meaningful language with which to mediate and engage with social, political, and environmental circumstances. Claudio also enjoys surfing and loves cooking and eating with friends.

Henrike studies International Relations in Vancouver, Canada with a specific focus on migration and social justice. She grew up between Munich and Singapore, and has worked in different settings on political activism and civic engagement. Henrike is generally passionate about bridging the gap between academia, art and activism. She spends her free time designing clothes and taking photographs.

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