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Berkeley Prize 2018

Raksha VH and Swetha Manivannan Bio

SWETHA Swetha Manivannan is a budding architect and has a flair for the pen. She believes that design is a constant learning cycle and she aims to bring about social change in the country using architecture as a medium. Passionate about education, she started teaching at a young age and hopes to ignite young minds and contribute to the society. Her writing has been featured in design journals, and she continues to make use of this talent of hers. Arts forming a major part of her, she finds herself juggling between painting, dance, designing and a lot of words! Mail-id:

RAKSHA Since a young age, Raksha has used writing and drawing to explore the world around her. Having taken up Architecture as an undergraduate course, she has had the opportunity of using her creativity in many angles. She has been a part of the department magazine team and is currently pursuing an internship in Goa where she is exploring the allied fields of architecture. She also enjoys dancing, keenly interested in contemporary and classical styles. She intends to make education in India more about learning than studying. (with a touch of creativity) Mail-id:

Raksha and Swetha are the core members of the design start-up called Unbind where they focus on design strategy and management. Unbind is an organic platform that bridges the gap between academics and practice in architecture and design. They seek to offer a fresh perspective about design education in India and pave the way for innovative thinking.

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