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Meriam Soltan Bio

Meriam Soltan is currently in her fourth year of architectural studies at the American University of Beirut. She is also pursuing minors in English Literature and Art History, and works to merge her interests in both architecture and the humanities to better understand the social and cultural dimensions of Beirut's built heritage. With a firm belief that we can no longer design independent of the social, political, and environmental parameters within which we exist, Meriam hopes to further study the influence of architecture on the human condition and its ability to promote positive change within society.

Meriam is also President of her university's Graphic Design and Architecture Student Society, and actively works with faculty and members to promote collaboration and innovation among students across a wide variety of majors. She has also been Vice President of the AUB chapter of Junior Chamber International since September of 2016 due to her dedication in understanding and creating lasting social change within her local community.

Meriam is planning to pursue her post-graduate studies in urban design to further understand the underlying forces determining the nature of Beirut and how the city can be responsibly and respectfully guided towards a more positive future.

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