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Ghina Kanawati Bio

I am a 21-year-old Architecture student at Beirut Arab University, currently in my third year out of the five-year major. Whilst I was a student at school I always studied hard and participated in every extracurricular activity that I could. By the time I graduated high school I had experience of running and attending events (such as science fairs) as well as earning two MUN awards and the honor of representing Lebanon as a Worldwide Microsoft Student Ambassador at Microsoft’s E2 Global Forum in 2015 at the Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle, WA.

I’ve chosen Architecture as my major because it is a multi-disciplinary domain that integrates in almost every aspect of human life and the world. However, my interests outside Architecture include other subjects like Geography, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology and Technology. I was fortunate to have had the chance to earn a degree in full-stack web development from V-School (Utah-based) during their pilot coding bootcamp in Beirut in 2016. I’m currently the TEDx lead organizer in my university (TEDxBAUDebbieh) and a volunteer TED translator. I’m also a member at Architects for Change, a youth-led NGO that aims to bridge the gap between Architectural education. It also creates a vibrant community of young change makers from Architecture and Design Departments all over the country. All these opportunities are shaping my identity as an individual and are helping me determine what kind of architect I want to become in the future. The enormous yet subliminal impact architecture has on individuals and societies fascinates me. The responsibility of an architect in society is changing every day and is becoming more broad and challenging. I’m doing all I can to become an architect that hopefully succeeds at leaving a positive change in people’s lives and communities.

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