The Eighteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2016
Berkeley Prize 2016

Zahra Mossadegh Akrami and Ali Tabatabaei Ghomi Bios

Zahra - Whenever I think about the roots of my passion for architecture, I recall my childhood reading Tolkien’s description of Middle-earth’s cities and towns. Hearty houses of Shire beneath the hills and the glory of Rivendell’s domes and arches near the waterfalls always fascinated me. These colorful pictures taught me imagining and then I started to draw. Starting architecture major at Art university of Tehran, I gradually learnt how to imagine wisely and how to design. I was born and raised in Tehran. Going around the country and my town helped me find out that there are some hidden parts suffering from indigence and consequently living in non-standard housing. Although I am fond of buildings with appealing forms and artistry of them which I see in journals, I am eager to learn about social and humanitarian architecture. I hope to find a balance between my interests in my professional career.

Ali - I live in Tehran, a city with a population of around 16 million. Naturally, therefore, my main concern and interest as an architecture student is in residential areas. My goal is to create dwelling places that go beyond serving their initial purpose as shelter, and contribute to happiness and well-being of their residents. I recently graduated from University of Art, and soon I will start my M.Arch. in University of Pennsylvania. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I have won a few prizes including Mirmiran prize and a special recognition by the UN chair of Islamic Architecture. Also, I have taken my academic training into professional and real projects outside school. I look forward to deepening and expanding my knowledge and expertise as an architect so that I can create better living spaces, and look forward to a day that I can train others to serve the same goal.

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