The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2023
Berkeley Prize 2023

Shoarya Sood - Bio

Currently in my fourth year of architecture, my passion for sustainability has been a driving force for most of my academic pursuits. I believe that architects are activists and should rally for the communities before designing for them. I advocate for transgender rights through my organization- Pehchaan, have a deep rooted interest in research and view the urban setup from a lens of building resilient communities. I am keen learner of the social art of architecture.

I view Architecture as a tool that can help human centric values influence the built systems; the fabrication of homes and societies. I believe that architecture is read between the lines, it is symbolistic and thought provoking. Our homes take the shape of the generational values that are passed on to us, in turn shaping us through subtle associations. For one to bring about social change, architecture is a great catalyst that amplifies and monumentalizes the quotidian experiences of the society.

I feel architecture acts as an impetus to change and through my designs in college, I attempt to argue various conventions in a bid to make the world more equal, inclusive and humanitarian.

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